Blacklisters – BLKLSTRS – LP/CD update

Big apologies to all who have ordered the Blacklisters LP or CD recently, we are experiencing unprecedented delays in getting physical product to us. Recently we signed new European wide distribution deal and was aiming to have as smoother transition as possible from our previous distributor. Unfortunately due to unforeseen problems in manufacturing outside of our control, getting physical products to us has been delayed. It seems that a lot bands and labels similar to us are experiencing the same problems of late.

We are aiming to have the physical copies of the albums next week and priority will go to all those who have pre-ordered the album. After this we will be setting a new release date for the LP & CD. Please bear with us.

If you have already ordered the vinyl or CD and would like digital copies of the album now then please email and we’ll send you a download code.

Otherwise if you are interested in buying a download copy on it’s own please visit


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