Blacklisters Vinyl Update

Hello. So as you may know we’ve had some on going issues with the Blacklisters vinyl. After months of being assured that they were on there way and numerous delivery dates where the records didn’t show we have now cancelled the order with this company. An order has now been placed with another company, artwork and proofs have been approved and we expect delivery within the next 3 to 4 weeks.

We can only apologize again for such a long delay. We have been let down massively by this company which was recommended to us and won’t be using them ever again. This has never happened to us before and we’re still trying to understand what the original company have actually been doing all this time. Anyway…

We’d like to thank you all for being so patient so far. However if you would like a refund at this stage then please let us know though if you’ve come this far then you might as well hang on a bit longer..

And again if you’ve ordered the vinyl and want a download code to the Blacklisters album you ordered then please email

Thanks again for your patience.

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