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Humanfly began in late 2000 following the dissolution of brothers (literal brothers, and also brothers in the MC5 sense of the word) John and Andy Sutcliffe’s old band Canvas. The line up was completed with the addition of J*R bassist Mat Dale and drummer Dave Jones.

The band spent the first year or so developing ideas and getting used to looking at each others heads in a practise room in Leeds until late 2001 when they began playing shows.

The first release came in the form of a split 7″ with fellow Leeds peoples Kill Yourself (who feature James and Andy from the pretty massive That Fucking Tank) in 2003, followed a year later by the release of the band’s debut album, ‘A God Among Insects’, released via Calculated Risk Products.

By 2005 Humanfly had grown bored of playing fast music and in the interests of progression decided they should give their songs more time develop outside of the one and half minutes that was initially used to do so in. With that in mind, the band started writing “impossibly long songs” and eventually recorded them with fellow good egg/dude, Ben Gardener.
The band decided it would be a great idea to dig a big hole and throw some money into it and release ‘II’ themselves. It came back. It looked great. People bought it. And then a lovely man, a total dude some might say (literally and in the Ben Gardener sense of the word) called Dave stepped up to the plate and decided to give it an international release via his label 20 Buck Spin (The Obsessed, Coffins, Sleep, The Endless Blockade) based in Olympia, Washington. For those of you who aren’t aware of lands that exist beyond your own back yard, this is in America, where milkshakes and Seinfeld comes from. Not bad!

The album received great reviews and it was swiftly followed by a split 12″ with Queen of Swords (featuring Liam from Trencher) on the London based label Eyes of Sound, which is run by a nice man named Ryan.

In between all of this Humanfly have been featured on numerous compilations and samplers. Shows are a constant and the band have toured all over the UK and Europe many times over the years and have recently returned from headlining Mareira Festival in Spain.

Cracking on with things is something the band like to do and so this was quickly followed with the recording of their third album, ‘Darker Later’, which will be released on November 8th 2010 on Leeds label Brew Records. It features six songs, one of which is the epic ‘Heavy Black Snow’ featuring the vocal talents of Rose Kemp (One Little Indian Records) and was also recorded by the Ben Gardener.


2003 Split 7″ w/ Kill Yourself on Decavity/Obscene Baby Auction

2004 ‘A God Among Insects’ on Calculated Risk

2007 ‘II’ (12″ vinyl) on Total Prog

2008 ‘II’ (CD) on 20 Buck Spin

2008 ‘Humanfly/Queen of Swords Split’ (12″ Vinyl) on Eyes of Sound

2010 ‘Darker Later’ CD on Brew

New album coming soon.


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