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Zoe Cavasar——意大利

Zoe Cavasar




很长一段时间以来, I had always wanted to study abroad but never thought that it could be a reality because I didn’t believe I could afford it, was too scared, etc. 在我的小弟弟于2022年初去世之后, 我向自己保证要直面恐惧, chase my dreams, 过一种冒险的生活. 接下来我所知道的,就是飞往意大利开始我的海外学期! I always knew that Florence was my dream study abroad destination because it is known as the capital of the arts, 作为一个艺术专业的学生(和书呆子), 我想在文艺复兴的发源地学习.


我在国外主要修的是艺术和传播学课程, 但我也上了一门很有用的意大利语课!

Were there any significant difference taking university courses at an institution abroad in comparison to the US?

Most definitely. The beauty of taking university courses abroad is the hands-on experience you get. 在当地市场练习意大利语, 在我的设计课上,带领班级去参观画廊和博物馆, 与社区成员和官员建立联系, the experiences you have in your courses are entirely different than anything I have ever experienced in the US


毫无疑问,是的! 我真希望我能多待一会儿!

你的住房状况如何? 这对你的经历有什么影响?

I lived in a big apartment located about three minutes walking distance from the Duomo, a.k.a. 佛罗伦萨的中心. 就像电影里的情节一样! 我有四个室友来自马萨诸塞州,一个来自俄亥俄州. 虽然我们非常不同,来自不同的背景, 我们相处得很好, 我觉得自己很幸运能和他们搭档!


我结交了许多来自世界各地和美国的新朋友! 我在国外结交的朋友是我最珍惜的. 我们仍然保持密切联系,经常发短信. In fact, I will be visiting my friends in Stockholm, Paris, and Madrid later this year!

What values, beliefs, or behaviors did you learn while studying abroad that you plan to continue now that you are home?

Studying abroad helped me to open my eyes to new perspectives, cultures, and ways of thinking. 我在学术和个人方面都经历了难以置信的成长. 在我的国外学期结束后, I have incorporated the values and lessons I learned into my daily life and will continue to travel internationally. 我现在有旅行癖!


Absolutely! 无论你去哪里, 文化冲击和挑战是不可避免的, 因此,你必须以积极的态度和观点来接受他们. 欧洲人的生活方式与美国人截然不同. So, I had to get used to the laid-back nature of my environment, language barriers, and much more. But facing and overcoming those challenges made my experience that much more rewarding!


我喜欢我的留学经历的很多方面, 但到目前为止,我最喜欢的是在那里发生的内心成长.The challenges I faced and the experiences I had during my time studying abroad have made me a stronger and more confident individual. 我学会了如何完全信任自己,相信自己,活在当下.


Go. For. It. 这将是你做过的最好的事情之一! 我极力推荐出国留学. 它不仅在学术上有回报,而且在你的简历上看起来很棒, but the personal growth and confidence building that will occur will change your life for the better. Take the leap. 你不会后悔的!

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Nyva Abraham


瓦哈卡大学,ARCOS, 2023夏季


我出国留学有很多原因. 我知道我必须在暑假上几门课才能顺利毕业. 当我在看暑期学校的选择时,我发现了一个出国留学的选择. After doing a bit of research I realized that studying abroad would be the better option for summer school. 这也会给我一个了解新文化的途径, 交新朋友,温习我的西班牙语.


在国外学习期间,我修了2门西班牙语课程,高级西班牙语1和2. 西班牙语课上, 我们更注重语法和句子结构, and in the second class we practiced using the grammar lessons and implementing them in conversations.

Was there any significant difference taking university courses at an institution abroad in comparison to the US?

The biggest difference between my classes abroad compared to my classes at Sam Houston was definitely the amount of people in the classes. 这个班只有6个人. I really enjoyed the smaller classes because we were able to get more 1 on 1 time with our teachers. There wasn’t a set lesson plan so they were very flexible with what we were learning and how much time we spent on a topic. 对于小问题,我也会更自在地提问.


这段经历在学术上是百分百有益的! 我的两门课都得了A. I also learned so much in the few weeks I was there not only about how to speak Spanish but also about Mexican culture.

你的住房状况如何? 这对你的经历有什么影响?

我住在一个寄宿家庭. 我也有室友和我一起住在寄宿家庭.It was great not being the only one staying at the house because I had people to eat meals with and walk to school with as well. One of my roommates ahd been staying in Oaxaca since January so she was able to show me and my other roommates around the city.


我交了很多新朋友! My housemates and I hung out almost everyday after class just walking around town and going to different stores and restaurants. A lot of my group was from the University of Houston which is fairly close to Sam Houston so we had quite a bit in common. With there only being 6 people in the class you get really close with your classmates.

What values, beliefs, or behaviors did you learn while studying abroad that you plan to continue now that you are home?

While studying abroad I learned that I have to keep an open mind and put myself out there to enjoy the full study abroad experience. Going out to different places and excursions with the group rather than staying in your homestay. 当我在那里的时候,我不得不更开放地尝试新的食物, 去新的地方, 问问题. 无论我走到哪里,我都会继续保持开放的心态去尝试新事物.


一开始有一点文化冲击! One of the biggest ones that took me a while to adjust to was the food schedule. 在墨西哥,与美国的晚餐相比,午餐是他们一天中最大的电子邮件. 这对我的身体来说是一个挑战!


我最喜欢出国留学的一点就是住在寄宿家庭. Being able to see how the average family lives on a day to day basis was so educational. I talked to my host parents each day and learned a lot about the cultures and beliefs of Oaxaca.


我对未来在国外的熊人的建议是去做!!! 在我选择做我的之前, I had been thinking about it for about 2 years and never really made any plans to actually go.I thought the process of signing up for a study abroad was much harder than it actually was. Finally one day I decided that I really wanted to make this happen so I took action. Just one phone call about general information about studying abroad with the advisors made me realize that this is something that I really wanted to do, 这个过程并没有我想象的那么难. 留学顾问在整个过程中给予了我极大的帮助.




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Aurora Gonzalez



Beard man


Jonas Jablonowski


内华达大学,USAC, 2023年夏季

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