General Business 政府, Bachelor of Business 政府

可用: 在校园 在线

The Bachelor of Business 政府 degree in General Business 政府 is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge in a variety of core business subjects. A general business degree is an excellent choice for students who know they want to work in business but aren't sure what professional position they want to pursue after graduation.

With a degree in general business, students are not limited to a singular area of expertise. A general business degree could lead to a career in finance, 市场营销, 公共关系, 管理, 销售, production--the list is almost endless. 就业 opportunities are limited only by your knowledge, experience, 和 ambition.

学生 can pursue the Bachelor of Business 政府 degree in General Business 政府 on-campus in the classroom or from anywhere in the world through online courses.

职业生涯s in General Business 政府

  • 销售
  • 银行
  • 管理
  • 保险索赔

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Brief breakdown of the type, 或类型, of degree(s) available, 他们的长度, available enrollment, 估算成本.
类别 度总结
长度 120学时
必修课程 Bachelor of Business (B.B.A.)
Bachelor of Business (B.B.A) (Emphasis on Professional Golf 管理)
招生 Fall, Spring, Summer
学费/成本 每学期费用

本科 Application Deadlines

  • 秋季:8月1日
  • Spring: December 15
  • 夏季:5月15日