Interdisciplinary Agriculture, 理学学士

可用: 在校园

The interdisciplinary, 或一般, agriculture degree is ideal for students who would like a well-rounded agricultural sciences education.

The 理学学士 in Interdisciplinary Agriculture is designed to meet the needs of students desiring a program of study in agricultural education or education, ranch and farm production or any of several other fields of study. The program allows for the selection of a minor in special interest areas such as criminal justice, 法律研究, community leadership, 生物学, 一般业务, environmental science and there are many other options. 另外, the Double Major in 教育 and Interdisciplinary Agriculture [Agricultural 教育] is a popular option.


学生 are encouraged to actively participate in professional extracurricular activities. Some of those sponsored by the department include Block and Bridle; Collegiate FFA; Collegiate Farm Bureau; Delta Tau Alpha; Ducks Unlimited; Minorities in Ag, 自然资源, and Related 科学; Rodeo Club; and the Wildlife Society.

职业生涯s in Interdisciplinary Agriculture

  • Agricultural Science Teacher
  • Agri生活 Extension Agent
  • Agriculture Production [farm and ranch]
  • Community Leadership
  • Agriculture Product Representative and Sales
  • Texas Department of Agriculture
  • United States Department of Agriculture

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理学学士 (B.S.)

长度 120学时
招生 秋天,春天,夏天
学费/成本 每学期费用

本科 Application Deadlines

  • 秋季:8月1日
  • 春季:12月15日
  • 夏季:5月15日