Early Childhood 教育, 研究生 Certificate

可用: 在校园 在线

The Early Childhood 教育 Certificate offers additional coursework in Early Childhood 教育 to public 和 private school teachers, 管理员, 和 support professionals who hold a baccalaureate degree 和 who are seeking additional knowledge 和 training in the field of Early Childhood 教育. This Certificate can be used as an area of emphasis in some M.Ed programs within the College of 教育.

This certificate has been approved by the Higher 教育 Coordinating Board 和 is awarded by 山姆 Houston State University.

Most of the courses in the program are online.  Occasionally, a face-to-face course may be offered at The Woodl和s Center.

The mission of the Early Childhood 教育 program is to provide a rigorous competency-based program that emphasizes specialized knowledge of child development (birth through age 8), families 和 communities, 教育学, 评估, professional ethics 和 academic disciplines for planning 和 implementing culturally relevant environments 和 curriculum that both supports 和 challenges young children.

This 研究生 Certificate is eligible to receive Title IV funding – Direct Unsubsidized Loans 和 研究生 PLUS loans by request. To be considered for aid, students need to submit a FAFSA.


Brief breakdown of the type, 或类型, 可获得的学位, 他们的长度, available enrollment, 估算成本.
类别 证书的总结
目录项 研究生 Certificate
长度 12学时
招生 Fall, Spring, Summer
成本 每学期费用
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