Effective 在线 Instruction, 研究生 Certificate

可用: 在线

The Effective 在线 Instruction certificate provides students with the strategies and techniques necessary to teach online courses effectively. Individuals in Business/Industry, PK-12, 高等教育, 医疗, 军事, or professionals involved with training and professional development for their organization would be suitable candidates for this program. 

This 研究生 Certificate is eligible to receive Title IV funding – Direct Unsubsidized Loans and 研究生 PLUS loans by request. To be considered for aid, students need to submit a FAFSA.


Brief breakdown of the type, 或类型, of degree available, 他们的长度, available enrollment, and estimated cost.
类别 Certificate Summary
目录项 研究生 Certificate
长度 12学时
招生 秋天,春天
成本 Rates Per Semester
Admission Requirements Application Materials

Application Deadlines

This progam follows SHSU University Admission Deadlines.