Health Care Quality and Safety, 研究生 Certificate

可用: 在线

The 在线 研究生 Certificate in Health Care Quality and Safety is targeted toward busy health care professionals engaged or planning to be engaged in leadership roles in the quality and safety areas in hospitals, 养老院, 诊所, and other health care organizations.  Professionals in health care quality and safety 管理 the strategic and operational aspects of quality operations; establish goals and standards; lead the quality improvement programs; provide training and coaching in quality improvement tools and techniques; develop, 实现, and monitor measures to assess quality performance; direct organization-wide quality initiatives including the National Patient Safety Initiatives; and direct ongoing monitoring of accreditation survey readiness activities.  This certificate program is designed for health care professionals and administrators, who are at a point in their careers where they require advanced skills and knowledge to develop, 管理, and sustain a culture of excellence in organizations and health systems.


Brief breakdown of the type, 或类型, of degree available, 他们的长度, available enrollment, 估算成本.
类别 Certificate Summary
目录项 研究生 Certificate
长度 15学时
招生 秋天和春天
成本 每学期费用
Admission Requirements Application Materials