Emerging and Social 媒体, 文学硕士

可用: 在线

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The 文学硕士 in Emerging and Social 媒体 is designed for working professionals. The program consists of 10 engaging courses taught by expert and diverse faculty. Formatted to provide flexibility, the program is entirely online and presented in 7.五周课程. You can complete the degree on your timetable. 研究生 in as little as one year, or study at a slower pace to meet your schedule.

应用 What You Learn Immediately

Upskill throughout the program and apply your knowledge immediately. Program electives include digital advertising, 播客, social media analytics, strategic storytelling, web and mobile development, digital entrepreneurship, digital media management, 和更多的. Craft stories for targeted audiences, develop and implement data-driven strategy for social media, and build a portfolio that reflects your expertise.


Brief breakdown of the type, 或类型, of degree available, 他们的长度, available enrollment, 估算成本.
类别 度总结
目录项 文学硕士 (MA)
长度 30学时
招生 Fall, Spring, Summer
成本 每学期费用
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Application Deadlines

  • 秋季:8月1日
  • 春季:12月1日
  • 夏季:5月15日

Please note that application deadlines will occasionally change. Please contact your academic advisor (listed in the contact section) for confirmation on application deadlines.