Health Care Quality and Safety, 理学硕士

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The 理学硕士 in Health Care Quality and Safety program is an executive degree program designed to prepare busy health care professionals for leadership roles in the quality and safety areas in hospitals, 养老院, 诊所, and other health care organizations.

Professionals in health care quality and safety manage the strategic and operational aspects of quality operations; establish goals and standards; lead the quality improvement programs; provide training and coaching in quality improvement tools and techniques; develop, implement and monitor measures to assess quality performance; direct organization-wide quality initiatives including the National Patient Safety Initiatives; and direct ongoing monitoring of accreditation survey readiness activities.

This is a 16-month cohort program with a new cohort beginning each fall semester. 这个项目 will require 36 credit hours and will have a thesis option and a non-thesis option. 类 will be offered online. Applicants with healthcare work experience in clinical or non-clinical settings are preferred.

这个项目 开始 accepting applications for each Fall cohort on September 1 of the preceding year. All of our applications are submitted through the 应用 Texas system and are processed by the 招生办公室.

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Brief breakdown of the type, 或类型, 可获得的学位, 他们的长度, 可以注册, 估算成本.
类别 度总结
目录项 理学硕士 (MS)
长度 36学时
招生 秋天,春天,夏天
成本 每学期费用
Admission Requirements Application Materials


  • 秋季:6月30日
  • 春季:12月1日
  • 夏季:5月1日

Please note that application deadlines will occasionally change. Please contact your academic advisor (listed in the contact section) for confirmation on application deadlines.